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Trident Maple Bonsai (Outdoor)

$9.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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Trident Maples are popular. Very, very popular.

In their natural environment, these impressive specimens can grow up to 45 feet tall and 25 feet wide with vibrant green foliage that turns a brilliant bright orange in the Fall. Although they’re a little shorter after the Bonsai treatment, they’re no less spectacular to behold.

Trident Maples have three short lobes on their leaves (explaining the tri-dent moniker) and produce discreet Spring flowers. They’re deciduous and quick growing with fresh foliage coming in a variety of colors from purple to bronze. It does well outdoors all year long in temps above 20 degrees.

Though not exactly a beginner’s tree, the extra love and attention this Bonsai desires will be rewarded ten-fold in the years to come.


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