3 Piece Air Plant Kit

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Product Description

This Three-Piece whimsical Air Plant Kit includes a Butzii, Intermedia & Tricolor Tillandsia with Cholla Wood bases.

The Butzii is an interesting species with a speckled base and long, wavy leaves that resemble an exotic fish. The Intermedia is an unusual species that’s traditionally grown upside down and produces “pups” from both ends of the plant. The Tricolor is native to Central America are is tall & elegant with bright green leaves that can turn pink during blooming season.

The bases are a naturally artistic wood derived from ethically sourced Cholla Cactus.
This kit also comes with glue to hold the plants in place.



Tillandsias should be within 3 feet of a window and while they do get most of their moisture and nutrients from the air, they do like an occasional misting.


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