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Falling for Bonsai -- A Gift That Lasts Through Any Seaons

Falling for Bonsai -- A Gift That Lasts Through Any Seaons

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

As winter starts to show its chill to our outdoor gardens, the soothing presence of indoor Bonsai gardening shares its delights no matter what the seasonal weather changes happen to dish out! Bonsai is an ancient tradition that can be practiced year round, and is unlimited in its ability to satisfy and interest any plant lover.

From master Bonsai artists to beginners with limited Bonsai knowledge, there are huge benefits and satisfactions that will come from working with Bonsai that can be obtained throughout the year, making it not only a great hobby, but a fantastic and unique holiday gift idea for a special friend or loved one! Even teens, who are increasingly hard to please in our material world, find the beauty and intrigue of Bonsai to be something they cannot deny. Giving the gift of Bonsai communicates that you believe the receiver is capable of nurturing, and being responsible for life, which is the highest compliment one can give.

Having Bonsai as a hobby is sure to give a lifetime of satisfaction and enjoyment as there is always something new to learn from this ancient art. Eliminating the boredom that can come from hobbies that can be mastered easily, Bonsai offers every individual new challenges and insights from beginning stages to master levels. In addition to the joy and meditative quality that caring for a living Bonsai offers, there are plenty of wonderful bonsai books, including Pocket Bonsai by David Prescott which features helpful tips and full color pictures of dozens of fantastic bonsai, and Indoor Bonsai by Paul Lesniewics which is an excellent guide with detailed specifics for successfully growing Bonsai indoors. There are tiny mud figurines to add fun, charm and perspective, websites like that allow you to obtain the best soil combinations and pruning shears, and fun clubs to keep you busy no matter what the weather dishes out!

From childhood to becoming an elder, there are holistic benefits, mental and personal lessons, skills to be learned, beauty to be enjoyed, and a connection with nature year round to be found from working with Bonsai that no other activity can offer. With minimal research and a hardy Bonsai like the Chinese Elm, the Fukien Tea or the dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella (to name only a few of my personal favorites…), the tradition and stimulation of Bonsai is sure to enchant and satisfy all who embark on its journey!