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You Know You're a Hardcore Bonsai Addict When....

You Know You're a Hardcore Bonsai Addict When....

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

1. Hearing someone repeatedly pronounce "bonsai" as "Banzai" makes you wince like you're chewing on tin foil.

2. Someone who knows nothing about the art of bonsai pronounces it "cruel and unnatural barbaric torturing of poor little trees" and you immediately picture yourself poking them in the eyes like the Three Stooges bit.

3. You debate so long and vocally about whether or not to prune a branch on one of your trees that your husband or wife finally yells "Just shut up and cut the damn thing off!".

4. A tornado warning is issued for damaging winds and baseball size hail and you run to get your trees under cover and leave your new SUV in the driveway to be bombarded.

5. You develop abnormally large biceps and some ruptured discs from hauling trees back and forth between inside and outside when the weather starts getting chilly and unpredictable.

6. Someone calls you to hear what's new and you spend twenty minutes on sucessfully repotting your willow leaf ficus before you discuss anyone's health or your grandchildren.

7. One of your favorite trees dies and you preserve its pathetic little corpse in a place of honor in your living room.

8.You lie awake at night diabolically plotting against spider mites,scale, and those cursed Japanese beetles.

9. An expensive tree dies and you get rid of the body before your husband or wife sees it and comments on what a waste it was.

10. Upon death of said trees in #7 and #9 above you briefly consider turning yourself in to the sheriff as a tree abuser.

AND, lastly and most importantly:


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