Bonsai Tree Kit with Essential Bonsai Tips

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This Tinyroots Bonsai Starter Tool Kit is one of our most popular sets and is perfect for the Bonsai novice or the seasoned veteran. It includes two professional grade tools and the go-to book for all things Bonsai.  

Both of these Tinyroots Brand tools are hand-crafted from the finest grade carbon steel available. Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology result in tools of exquisite quality with the aesthetic and feel of fine surgical instruments. 

The Butterfly Shear, Concave Cutter and Book Kit Includes:

  • Traditional "Butterfly" Shaped Bonsai Shear - The "Butterfly" shaped pruning shear is the most popular Bonsai tool on the market. They’re very easy to use, exceptionally powerful because of their unique design and have plenty of room in the handles to accommodate gloved fingers. When it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely, Butterfly Shears are essential. 180mm. 
  • Concave Cutter - Second only to the shear in terms of popularity, the Concave Cutter is the perfect tool when it comes to branch removal.  The Concave Cutter's razor-sharp edge is specifically designed to make an indentation in the bark, taking a slight “bite” out of the area which allows the wound to heal faster and leaving a scar that's much less prominent.  165 mm.  
  • 101 Essential Bonsai Tips by Harry Tomlinson - A great little book that breaks down key information on cultivating Bonsai into 101 easy-to-grasp tips. It gives quick answers to all your questions in plain English. It's an excellent place to start for beginners and an invaluable pocket reference guide for the more experienced. This book is an icon in the Bonsai world
  • Choji Oil - Has been used by generations of Japanese sword smiths and wood workers to protect their tools from rust and corrosion.  Choji is non-toxic and not greasy, and aside from being a great means of preservation it's also perfect for restoring the appearance of your Bonsai tools and pots


Why Choose Tinyroots?  Tinyroots Bonsai Tools are a performance-based, luxury brand of Bonsai tools with a limited lifetime-guarantee. 

Tinyroots Tools are top quality Bonsai tools imported exclusively by and available only at Bonsai Outlet and other fine retailers.

Bonsai Tree Kit with Essential Bonsai Tips


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