Hinoki Bonsai DIY Kit - This is an Outdoor Tree

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Hinoki Bonsai DIY Kit - Outdoor Tree

This DIY Bonsai Kit from Bonsai Outlet includes everything you'll need to create your very own Outdoor Bonsai Showpiece.  

The Do-It-Yourself Pre-Bonsai Kit Contains ~

  • Hinoki Pre-Bonsai: Grown from seedling cuttings (8 - 10 inches tall)
  • Tinyroots Conifer Blend Bonsai Soil (2 Quart Bag) - A mix of 100% double-sifted pine bark fines, coarse river sand #3 and calcine clay and pumice. 
  • 6" Plastic Bonsai Pot - A perfectly sized 6" pot will be included with your kit.
  • Leaf Pruner

General Background:

These Hinoki's have been grown from seedling cuttings. We have been holding them to release for the holidays. They are limited in supply and will make a great gift for the bonsai enthusiasts.

What makes these seedling cuttings unique is their fine radial root base.

Because these lateral roots were developed, you will have the ability to grow a pine bonsai with a flared trunk. These flared trunks are highly sought after on pine bonsai.

Tree Features:

  • Perfect start for Nebari (roots that can be seen on the surface)
  • The trees vary in height but measure between 6" to 12" tall from the table
  • They will arrive in a 4" plastic pot.
  • Pictures are just a representation. Each tree that ships has differing heights and characteristics.
  • Please Note - These are outdoor trees so must remain outdoors.

We wanted these kits to be a holiday special. The only reservation we had in making these available now is that they cannot be repotted until the spring.

However this is your opportunity to get these unique trees. Just beware that they should not be repotted until the spring time.