Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - (Indoor or Outdoor)

$13.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Chinese Elm

'Ulmus Parvifolia'

The Chinese Elm is one of the most popular Bonsai trees, especially among beginners.

This native of China, Japan and Korea is a hardy tree that can be kept indoors or out with minimal shelter. Because it's slow-growing and tolerant, the Chinese Elm allows beginners plenty of time and forgiveness to grow accustomed to Bonsai care.

This tree's trunk has a gorgeous swaying shape that supports a full, lush canopy of foliage.  It looks like a Bonsai should: a miniature version of an age-old tree. 

The Chinese Elm has small, dark green leathery leaves with blunt teeth. It has a highly predictable growth pattern which is good news for beginners. You won't need to be an expert pruner to care for a Chinese Elm, either

A ceramic pot chosen to compliment the Chinese Elm Bonsai is included with your order, along with a Bonsai care guide to help you maintain the health of your tree. 

  • Height: 6"- 10" Tall
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Container: Pot color varies
  • Experience: Perfect for beginners

*** The Chinese Elm is awesome and you're going to love it, BUT, it does go SEMI-DORMANT during the Winter, so just be prepared for 60-80% leaf loss.  Don't worry, they'll come back.  They always do. ***

Chinese Elm Care Instructions

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