Pinot Noir Grape Bonsai In A Glazed Japanese Yamaaki Container (No. TS16)

$40.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

One-Of-A-Kind Pinot Noir Grape Tree

C'mon.... How cool is this tree!?

Pinot Noir grape bonsai is a miniature version of the Pinot Noir grapevine, which is known for producing high-quality red wine. This one also happens to be potted in a Japanese Tokoname Pot - Specifically, and old Yammaki pot to compliment the tree.

This bonsai has a well-developed trunk with intricate branching patterns and a thickened base, giving it a mature and elegant appearance.

The leaves of a Pinot Noir grape bonsai are small, typically ranging from 1 to 3 inches in length. They exhibit the characteristic lobed shape of grape leaves, featuring serrated edges and a vibrant green color. The foliage creates a dense canopy, providing a lush and visually appealing display.

Although the Pinot Noir grape bonsai is primarily grown for its ornamental value, it does occasionally produce tiny clusters of grapes in the right conditions. These miniature grape bunches are a delightful addition to the tree's overall aesthetic, showcasing the resemblance to its full-sized counterpart. However, the grape production of bonsai trees is often limited and may not yield a significant harvest.

Overall, a Pinot Noir grape bonsai is a captivating and unique addition to any bonsai collection or wine enthusiast's display. Its miniature stature, intricate structure, and occasional grape production make it a captivating conversation piece and a fascinating artistic expression of the renowned Pinot Noir grapevine.


  • The tree measures 16" in height with an 12" spread.
  • It's in a 12" glazed Japanese Yamaaki pot. 
  • Tree was photographed on May 23, 2023


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