Pre-Bonsai Cotoneaster with Beautiful Berries in a Grow Pot (No. 18867)

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One-of-a-Kind Cotoneaster Bonsai - Coral Beauty

The Cotoneaster is a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts due to its small leaves, delicate flowers, and bright red berries that provide year-round interest. This tree, is similar to the Pyracantha (Firethorn), but without the thorns.

The Cotoneaster features small, oval to lance-shaped leaves, which are often shiny and vibrant green. Some species may display a reddish hue in the fall before shedding their leaves.

During spring, Cotoneaster bonsai trees produce clusters of tiny, white or pink flowers. These blooms attract pollinators and add an aesthetic appeal to the tree.

One of the most striking features of the Cotoneaster is its vibrant red berries, which develop in late summer or autumn. These berries persist well into winter, adding color and interest to the bonsai.

Cotoneaster bonsai trees prefer well-draining soil and thrive in full sun to partial shade. Regular pruning is essential to maintain shape and encourage branching. These trees can tolerate some level of neglect and harsh conditions but benefit from consistent care.

Cotoneaster bonsai trees offer a captivating aesthetic with their petite leaves, delicate flowers, and vibrant berries. Their adaptability make them a delightful addition to any bonsai collection, suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts looking to cultivate these charming trees.

Stats -

  • The Bonsai is 9" tall, measured from the soil to the top of tree.
  • The spread is 7". 
  • This tree ships in a 6.5" Grow Pot. 
  • Pictures taken November 06, 2023
  • Ships from our Massachusetts Nursery

*** This is an expensive Bonsai. We've likely been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for a long time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, etc is beyond our control. If you buy this bonsai, we assume you're a responsible person and that you know what you are purchasing. THEREFORE - The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Bonsai Outlet makes no warranties once the Product leaves our nursery. All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are listed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered in any instance. Bonsai Outlet assumes no responsibility for the health and welfare of the products after they leave our nursery. Please ask care questions prior to buying, if you are unsure.

Pre-Bonsai Cotoneaster with Beautiful Berries in a Grow Pot (No. 18867)

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Pre-Bonsai Cotoneaster with Beautiful Berries in a Grow Pot (No. 18867)


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