5pc Mark Comstock Japanese Black Pines - Seedling Cuttings

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Japanese Black Pines - Seedling Cuttings 

These are One (1) year old Japanese Black Pines seedling cuttings. The listing is for 5pcs and includes FREE Shipping. 

They were grown by Mark Comstock and he's known for his awesome roots. Mark likes to downplay his skills, but make no mistake, his trees are world class are very sought after. 

These started as Seeds in September October 2021. They've been cut TWICE and bare-rooted. These are Seedling "Double" Cuttings, not just seedlings. 

Let me explain:

  1. Germinate & Grow: Seeds are planted in Pumice and let to grow for a few months. This is what you see others selling - Seedlings. Nothing wrong with seedlings, but you generally do not get the same 360 arial roots (You get a single, downward growing tap root) and you do NOT get lower branches. 
  2. 1st Cut: Seeds are cut with a razor blade (or sharp knife), repotted in fresh pumice. This cutting will produce Lateral Arial Roots. 
  3. Re-Seeds Grow More: Let seedling grow again, this time with better roots. 
  4. 2nd Cut: Seeds are cut again with razor blade, repotted in fresh pumice. 
  5. Bareroot: I learned this step today, but apparently in September, one year, into the process, Mark Bareroots the Pine, combs out the roots, and repots them into fresh pumice. Now the roots are in a better place for future growth.  

This is obviously a laborious process, but what makes these seedling cuttings unique is their fine radial root base. These are small little guys. They will double / triple in size next year and start to thicken up. Unfortunately, the price also increases significantly.

Because these lateral roots were developed, you will have the ability to grow a pine bonsai with a flared trunk. These flared trunks are highly sought after on pine bonsai.

Pictures - I includes a couple pictures of 4 year old JBP so you can see what they'll look like with their awesome roots. 

Tree Features:

  • Perfect start for Nebari (roots that can be seen on the surface)
  • The trees vary in height but measure between 3" to 7" tall from the soil
  • They will arrive in a 2.5" plastic pot.
  • Pictures are just a representation. Each tree that ships has differing heights and characteristics. 

Important Shipping Guidelines: 

  • We cannot ship to a FPO, APO, P.O. Box or to locations in AlaskaVirgin Islands, Puerto RicoHawaii or anywhere internationally.
  • All Bonsai are shipped direct from the nursery and may ship separately from other items purchased via the Bonsai Outlet.
  • Most Shipments of Trees are released on Mondays and Tuesdays only to avoid being held in-transit over weekends.
  • If extreme weather is expected, we may delay shipping your Bonsai tree to guarantee a healthy arrival; in such a case we will contact you. We are shipping living trees and must be conscious of the temperature conditions to the delivery address, as well as, while in transit. That said, we reserve the right to hold the tree(s) to guarantee a healthy delivery. We will Hold Your Tree Until It is Safe to Ship. 

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