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Brazilian Rain Tree (In/Out)

$13.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The Brazilian Rain Tree is one of the most beautiful things from a country full of beautiful things. 

The ‘Pithecellobium tortum’ is a hardwood tropical native to Central and South America’s coastal rain forests, and sadly is listed as a “Critically Endangered” species.

The Brazilian Rain Tree has delicate branches with small, light-green compound leaves and thorns which I don’t recommend grabbing.  And, as sort of odd Party Trick, the leaves fold up at night or when it rains and unfold in the morning sun.

If the conditions are correct are pruning kept to a minimum, the Brazilian Rain Tree will bloom with fragrant fuzzy white puffballs (obviously an official term).   It has a fluted trunk with brown bark that peels off in strips, revealing the smooth white wood underneath and offering a beautiful contrast between the two.

This spectacular member of the Legume family can adapt to either an indoor or outdoor environment. If you choose to keep yours outdoors it’ll need protection from temps below 45 degrees and if it’s indoors it likes a lot of sun (or grow light light), but beware of foliage burn from the magnification of sun through windows. 

Stats -

Brazilian Rain Tree - 5 Years Old, 10-16" tall 




  • Will I Kill It?

    Maybe, but probably not. Kids and pets are much harder to keep alive, so if you’ve ever had one of them you’ll be fine. Most Bonsai we sell need little more than sun & water.

  • Are there specific Care Guides available for each species?

    Yes there are, and you can find them HERE

  • When will my Bonsai ship?

    We ship daily. However, trees to the west coast ship on Mondays or Tuesday to avoid being held in-transit over the weekend. Shipments of Trees are released on Mondays and Tuesdays only to avoid being held in-transit over weekends.

  • Can I track my Bonsai?

    Yes, once your Bonsai ships you’ll get an email with a FedEx tracking number that you’ll be able to use on their website to see exactly when your tree will arrive.

  • Do I need anything else to start an adventure in Bonsai?

    Your Bonsai will arrive potted in a ceramic Bonsai pot that will compliment your tree and right off the bat that’s all you’ll need. If you’re looking for the basics beyond that, a Starter Kit and Humidity Tray are an excellent place to start.