Chinese Mudman Figurine | Skiff boat (F-065)

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Just the thing to add a bit of magic and whimsy to your garden. Decorate your bonsai or fairy garden with this adorable figurine.

This Authentic Chinese hand made mud-boat (a Skiff) that measures about 1 3/4 inch tall and 2 wide.

Extremely detailed and made one-by-one, by hand. Made with famous refined chinese mud, glazed then kiln fired.

Adding a figurine to your Bonsai tree, adds authenticity, realism and a refined finishing touch to your trees presentation.

Very detailed, we call this the "Skiff lost at sea," although he seems to have a nice size kettle of fish to keep him alive until he arrives at his deserted desert island where the skipper, Mary Ann and the professor are waiting to make a radio out of this bamboo boat and coconuts.  Let your imagination be your guide.


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