Cleaning Block Kit with Choji Oil

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Think of it like a rust eraser for your tools. Whether you need to shine up your shears, or just remove a bit of stubborn rust from a concave cutter, these rubberized abrasive blocks are just the thing. Good for all Gardening tools, large or small. 

They work on metal like an eraser works on paper. You can cut these block into smaller sizes with a knife to fit any shape. Use dry or with lubricant - such as Choji Oil.

Because the grit is impregnated throughout the block, they last until the last little piece of block is gone; as they wear new grit becomes exposed.

Choji Oil has been used by generations of Japanese sword smiths and wood workers to protect their tools from rust and corrosion. Choji is non-toxic and not greasy, and aside from being a great means of preservation it's also perfect for restoring the appearance of your Bonsai tools and pots

Directions: Simply wipe on and buff with a lint free cloth to restore the luster to weathered pots and Bonsai tools.


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