Flowering Gardenia Evergreen Bonsai (Outdoor)

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Dark, glossy foliage that feels like suede, graceful snow-white flowers and that legendary, sweet bouquet ~ if the Gardenia isn’t perfect, I’m not sure what is.

The Gardenia is an evergreen shrub native to regions of Africa, Asia and Australia, but its adaptability to the Japanese Art of Bonsai that’s made it one of the most popular trees we sell.

These Gardenia bloom from March through June and during those months go unrivaled in terms of beauty, grace and fragrance.  A word of warning, though – the Gardenia isn’t recommended for novices.  As with most things that are stunningly gorgeous, it’s not low maintenance.

The Gardenia is perfection in a pot.  

*** The Gardenia is awesome and you're going to love it, BUT, it does go DORMANT during the Winter, so just be prepared when it shows up without leaves.  Don't worry, they'll come back.  They always do. ***

They bloom in May and June. 


  • Small Gardenia - 3 Years Old, 8-12" Tall
  • Medium Gardenia - 4 Years Old, 10-14" Tall
  • Large Gardenia - 6 Years Old, 12-16" Tall

 *** State Agricultural Regulations prohibit shipments of Gardenias to Arizona.

 Important Shipping Guidelines:

  • We cannot ship to a FPO, APO, P.O. Box or to locations in AlaskaVirgin Islands, Puerto RicoHawaii or anywhere internationally.
  • All Bonsai are shipped direct from the nursery and will ship separately from other items purchased via the Bonsai Outlet.
  • MOST Shipments of Trees are released on Mondays and Tuesdays only to avoid being held in-transit over weekends. 
  • If extreme weather is expected, we may delay shipping your Bonsai tree to guarantee a healthy arrival; in such a case we will contact you.