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Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree (FT10) (Indoor)

$13.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Fukien Tea

'Carmona microphylla'

This is a beautiful Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree.

A wonderful indoor Bonsai tree, the Fukien Tea (sometimes known as Carmona) loves heat and can be grown outdoors in a warm climate. This tree originated in Southern Asia and eventially became a wildly popular Bonsai tree in China.  

The Fukien Tea produces small white flowers all year. With a weathered, thick and gnarled trunk, this tree looks like a Bonsai should: a miniature version of an age-old tree.

This Bonsai has the classic shape of an aged tree and, although it grows slowly and looks great now, it will continue to develop for years to come. This tree's trunk has a gorgeous swaying shape that supports a full, lush canopy of foliage.

Every bonsai is unique, and so we provide care instructions written for the unique requirements of your bonsai tree. While training a bonsai tree may be a bit more challenging than caring for a common house plant, it by no means requires a sophisticated “green thumb.” Following a few simple guidelines can make for a healthy bonsai tree and happy owner. 

Height: 14"- 20" Tall
Age: 12 years old
Container: Pot color varies
Experience: Perfect for beginners


Fukien Tea Bonsai Care Instructions

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