Green Dream Organic Bonsai Fertilizer

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GREEN DREAM Organic bonsai Fertilizer

NPK 7:5:5
Perfectly balanced organic fertilizer for bonsai.

Unlike imported organic pellets that persist for months without breaking down, Green Dream is designed to release most of its nutrients over a period of four to six weeks (with the N released sooner than the P or K), giving your trees the nutrients they need when they need it.

Also, unlike those bland innocuous imports, Green Dream is a truly active organic composite: it "smells organic", it grows mold when it rains, it provides nourishment in a readily acceptable form with the help of valuable microorganisms.

Try Green Dream and within a month you'll be amazed at the performance of your trees!

Recommended for outdoor use only.

"I used Green Dream 7:5:5 in the UK for over fifteen years with spectacular results!"
Colin Lewis


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