Imported Japanese Copper Can (4 Liters-N4)

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Product Description

Handmade Copper Bonsai Watering Can with Sprayhead

It is easy to use, lightweight, and attaches great importance to design. It is possible to attach several different watering heads to the spout, making this product useful with a wide variety of plants. It has been carefully designed to be easy to handle even when full of water. It allows you to wet the soil with the utmost delicacy, without sweeping it away and ensuring the proper graduation of the absorption times.

Characteristics of our handmade copper water cans

  • Elongated spouts allow for controlled and even watering
  • mesh strainer installed in the supply inlet ensures that leaves and debris are removed
  • natural anti-microbial properties

Available in 3 Sizes:

N2: Capacity: Approx. 2L Length: 66 cm Height: 14 cm Diameter: 14 cm

N4: Capacity: Approx. 4L Length: 100 cm Height: 15 cm Diameter: 20 cm

N6: Capacity: Approx. 6L Length: 100 cm, height: 20 cm, diameter: 20 cm


Liters : 4 liters 

Material : Pure Copper

Origin: Japan



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