Luxury Bonsai Turntable (03)

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Japanese Wood Turntable [2 drawers]:

This beautiful Japanese turntable is in a class all its own . The turning surface measure 12” and is made of compressed rubber to resist moisture and stains. It features two liner felt drawers to store tools and one side shelf to hold tools, wire, or paste when working on your tree. This perfectly designed turntable makes wiring and trimming bonsai a joy every time.

A convenient turn screw on the side prevents unnecessary rotation of the turntable. When you tighten this screw, the bonsai will not turn when you wire or trim your plant. To rotate the tree, simply loosen this screw with your fingers and the turntable easily pivots in both directions – a full 360 degrees.

Dimensions: 12" Turntable  
Material: Solid Wood
Origin: Japan
Brand: Koyo
Model #: STAN-03

Luxury Bonsai Turntable (03)


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