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Say “Hello” to OneLeg Stools and “Goodbye” to the aches and pains of crouching forever.   

Life takes its toll on your knees and back, and activities that involve kneeling at ground level like gardening and weeding don’t do you any favors.  Luckily, that’s all about to change.

OneLeg Stools are ergonomically designed to take the stress out of activities that would normally put strain on your joints and lower back.   Their perfect height (12.5 inches) and ability to tilt and swivel without tipping over makes them indispensable for gardening, weeding, fruit & vegetable picking, painting, auto cleaning, all kinds of indoor projects and so many more activities we couldn’t possibly name them all.

These lightweight, compact stools are perfect for both adults and children at home or on the go.   They’re made with a weather resistant Polyethylene material and can hold up to 400 pounds, so they’re virtually indestructible.

We’re not saying that the OneLeg Stool is the best thing since Bonsai Trees, but we’re saying it’s close.

**With purchase of a OneLeg stool, a stool cover will be included for free. 


For Added Comfort See Our:

Oneleg Stool Seat Covers  

Oneleg Stool Bottom Covers



  • Light Weight - Only 2½ lbs
  • Compact Design - 12½” Tall, 10¼” Seat Diameter
  • Made with Weather Resistant Polyethylene Material
  • Curved Base Design
  • Heavy Duty Construction


  • Extremely Easy to Carry
  • Highly Portable
  • Long Lasting - Indoors or Outdoors
  • Allows for Movement While Seated
  • Supports Up To 400 lbs
  • UltraViolet Resistant
  • Ensures Knee and Back Comfort
  • Strengthens Back and Abdominal Muscles
  • Use on Both Flat and Sloped Surfaces


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