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Organic Plant Magic really is magic, or at least so it seems! What makes Organic Plant Magic so special? The secret is that it doesn't just contain the normal nutrients found in plant fertilizer. It goes far beyond with more than 55 trace minerals as well as including millions of Beneficial Microorganisms into the mix.

The root of Organic Plant Magic is the proprietary inclusion of these Beneficial Microorganisms. Organic Plant Magic has discovered a way to grab and distill all the fungi and bacteria normally found in compost piles, the ones turning garbage into natural plant food, and package those organisms into our fertilizer mix. It's called "instant compost tea," and it's what separates Organic Plant Magic from all the rest.

The result is like yogurt for your Bonsai, a probiotic mix that doesn't merely include great nutrition, but one which actively helps convert the soil into better plant food! Nitrogen and phosphorus uptake go way up, and that translates directly into better root growth and lush foliage. This approach is like no other fertilizer, and the results are definitely like no other fertilizer you've tried.

It really is like magic....

  • Amazing Growth & Color – Organic Plant Magic empowers your plants to express their full genetic potential, resulting in an intensity of production, color and vibrancy like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Biology Over Chemicals – Synthetic fertilizers are bad for you, your plants and the environment. Organic Plant Magic naturally strengthens your plants so they out-compete pests and disease.
  • Perfectly Brewed, Every Time – Organic Plant Magic is essentially Instant Comport Tea, and making traditional Compost Tea is great, but it’s very difficult and time consuming to brew correctly. With Instant Compost Tea you just add water and go!
  • Kid, Pet & Earth Friendly – Organic Plant Magic is entirely Organic. We don’t use harsh chemicals that endanger children, animals or the environment (or you for that matter).


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