3" Handmade Pot for Kusamono or Accessory Planting (ER1)

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For that special tree or accessory plant that truly needs a one of a kind pot. These are high-fired one of a kind clay pots of original designs. Each pot is totally handmade by the artist. Some are slab/hand style pots that are hand-built no cast molds and no two are alike. - Kusamono (literally "grass thing") and shitakusa (literally "undergrass") are a potted collection of plants designed to either be viewed in accompaniment with bonsai, or alone.

Normally the term kusamono is used when the planting is displayed as the center of attention, while the term shitakusa is used for plantings that accompany bonsai displays.[1] In contrast to under plantings (which are potted in with the bonsai), kusamono and shitakusa are displayed separately in special pots, driftwood, or even stones. Plants used are typically moss, grass, lichen, small flowers, bamboo, or bulbs, that may heighten the beauty or reflect a certain season. While traditionally in Japan, plants gathered from mountains contributed to the bulk of companion plantings, modern use has extended to more creative and artistic design.

  • Outside Dimensions: 3 3/4" x 1 5/8" (deep)
  • Inside Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 1 3/8" (deep)

About the Potter: Erin Pottery is a Father and Son duo for the UK. They have a combined 50 years experience and you'll often see their pots in exhibitions.

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