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Procumbens Nana & San Jose Juniper Bonsai Kit

$13.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

This Procumbens Nana & San Jose Juniper Bonsai Kit Bonsai kit from Bonsai Outlet includes everything you'll need to create your very own Bonsai masterpieces. With two different Juniper species, you have the opportunity create 2 different Bonsai styles at a affordable cost. Let your imagination run wild! A repotting guide will be included with your kit. 

This Kit Contains ~

  • San Jose Juniper Pre-Bonsai - 9-12 inches tall and around 7-10 inches wide
  • Procumbens Nana Juniper Pre-Bonsai - 8-10 inches tall and around 5 - 10 inches wide
  • Tinyroots Conifer Blend Bonsai Soil - Tinyroots Conifer blend soil is specially blended for a Juniper tree. This soil is a mix of 100% double-sifted pine mulch fines, Turface®, coarse river sand, and Pumice. It's hand mixed, dried, and bagged. 
  • 2 Small Rolls Of Bonsai Wire & Mesh - Wire is used for anchoring and shaping.  Bonsai wire is specifically designed to shape branches and small trunks and the wire we're including here is of outstanding quality. The mesh will prevent the soil from falling out of your pot.
  • Bamboo Stick & Rocks -  Bamboo stick can be used to loosen or remove the soil, and to make sure there is no air pockets in the soil when repotting your Bonsai. Rocks are placed on the top of soil. When the bottom of the rock is dry, it's time to water your Bonsai!
  • 2 Unglazed Bonsai Pots - A perfectly sized 6 inch unglazed pot will be included with your kit. Pot style may vary. ;
  • 2 Traditional Chinese Mudman Figurine - Adds to the overall presentation of your Bonsai tree. Mudmen are handmade with Chinese mud, glazed, and kiln fired. Mudman color will vary.

General Background:

(Juniperus chinensis 'San Jose') - The San Jose Juniper is able to adapt to many different conditions. This particular species is often found in small gardens, and used as a low border or ground cover. However, this trees beauty is truly revealed when trained as a Bonsai. The stiff upright branches form irregularly, covered in dense bright green needles. This species thrives in full sun, but can tolerate some shade. Water this tree frequently, especially during extreme heat. 

(Juniper procumbens “nana") - Originating from China, it's one of the most popular types of Bonsai trees and is a firm favorite of many Bonsai enthusiasts. Junipers trees are a great choice for beginners as well as advanced Bonsai artists. This species is one of the easiest forms of Bonsai to style and care for. Most often, Junipers branches respond exceptionally well to wiring and reshaping. Junipers are outdoor trees, and will not be happy indoors. Junipers will thrive outdoors where they will receive plenty of natural sun. This type of Juniper will grow best in a semi-shade environment. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I Kill It?

    Maybe, but probably not. Kids and pets are much harder to keep alive, so if you’ve ever had one of them you’ll be fine. Most Bonsai we sell need little more than sun & water.

  • Are there specific Care Guides available for each species?

    Yes there are, and you can find them HERE

  • When will my Bonsai ship?

    We ship daily. However, trees to the west coast ship on Mondays or Tuesday to avoid being held in-transit over the weekend. Shipments of Trees are released on Mondays and Tuesdays only to avoid being held in-transit over weekends.

  • Can I track my Bonsai?

    Yes, once your Bonsai ships you’ll get an email with a FedEx tracking number that you’ll be able to use on their website to see exactly when your tree will arrive.

  • Do I need anything else to start an adventure in Bonsai?

    Your Bonsai will arrive potted in a ceramic Bonsai pot that will compliment your tree and right off the bat that’s all you’ll need. If you’re looking for the basics beyond that, a Starter Kit and Humidity Tray are an excellent place to start.

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