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Recycling Program

While we’re not 100% green, we’re trying … and we’re well on the way to getting there!

One of the steps we are taking is to recycle our boxes. We are constantly receiving boxes and packing materials from our suppliers. They come in all shapes and sizes, and other than bit of normal wear and tear, they’re in good shape. So why not reuse these boxes?

Well, we are and we hope you approve of our decision. You may notice that your orders come packed in various sorts of boxes and packing materials. We have always re-used boxes and packing material for outgoing shipments, and we also accept packing materials from the local community.

We will recycle as many boxes as possible. So if you get a box, and it may look used and abused, please know we’re doing it because we care about you. We care about the future of this world, and we believe that the less energy and materials we use now, the more we have to use later.

However, we pledge to only use boxes capable of delivering your bonsai items safely, securely, and reliably. Your satisfaction is our top concern.

If you don’t want your items to be shipped in recycled packaging, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to ship items to you in a shiny new box. We still have plenty of those, too!

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