Sara Rayner

Beautiful Pot Collection by Sara Rayner

Bonsai Outlet is honored to carry the one-of-a-kind handmade Bonsai pots created by master potter Sara Rayner. This beautiful pot collection is Bonsai pottery at its finest. Each pot was individually hand thrown on a potter’s wheel ensuring that these handmade pots by Sara Rayner are all worthy of her signature. Sara Rayner is a contemporary Bonsai potter who works out of an old carriage house in Minnesota. She has been dedicated to making bonsai containers for the last 16 years and was kind enough to send us some of her most prized pots. Sara Rayner bonsai pots sell quickly and we only have one of each so be sure to pick your favorites right away!

"Sara Rayner is a 'Rock Star' in the Bonsai pottery world. Her pots are of ultra-high quality, artistry and design. I've seen some of the most famous Bonsai Masters in the world tripping over each other to get first pick of her pots at International Bonsai Conventions." - J. Carriere