Suiseki Stones

Suiseki (水石) are small naturally occurring or shaped rocks which are traditionally appreciated. The Wooden Base is called a Daiza. These Viewing Stones are also often Called Scholar Rocks. A Japanese term for beautiful and meaningful stones, most traditional Suiseki are often only a few inches long, but they can reach 18" long.

Viewing Stones or Suiseki and Other Forms of Stone Appreciation Stones have been admired and collected by mankind since time immemorial. And throughout history, cultures around the globe have developed unique names, disciplines and guidelines for their particular art form. 

The interest in Viewing Stones in the Western world is primarily derived from the influence and appreciation of Suiseki in Japanese culture. In the West this interest began with Bonsai and the display of Suiseki at bonsai exhibitions, and then quickly evolved into an appreciation of the stones displayed for their own intrinsic beauty and the feelings they evoked from the viewer.

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