Standard Size (5mm)

Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil (Standard Grain)

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Hard Premium Akadama (14 Liter Bag)

Akadama is a premium bonsai soil used by Japanese master gardeners. Akadama soil is mined in Japan from volcanic soil. Once extracted its dried and sifted to various grain sizes.

A lot of our experienced customers use Akadama soil for their conifers and deciduous trees, but it's also recommend for novice gardeners. Akadama soil changes color (it darkens) when wet, which provides a visual indicator of when to water your plant.

  • Standard Grain: Particles range from 5mm to 7mm.

Akadama Tsuchi, literally "Red Ball Earth" is a type of volcanic soil imported from Japan for use as a bonsai soil. It offers properties of moisture retention and drainage that make it ideal as a soil component.

The very best for conifers, though you can use it for anything. Use straight or mixed with other soils. Time tested for centuries in Japan as the perfect soil for Bonsai. 


Hard Premium Akadama Bonsai Soil (Standard Grain)


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