The Magician: The Bonsai Art of Kimura 2 (BK63)

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Japanese bonsai master, The Magician Masahiko Kimura's exquisite bonsai masterpieces with detailed how-to illustrations. This Bonsai Today Masters' Series book features bonsai trees that are stunning, highly imaginative works of art, with a focus on step-by-step transformations and the thinking that goes into creating some of the world's greatest bonsai masterpieces.

Master Masahiko Kimura, also known as "The Magician," is the most famous bonsai master ever. Because of his willingness to break with bonsai convention, many in Japan refused to take him seriously, at least in the early years. Now, no one disputes Kimura's bonsai genius or his pioneering position in the bonsai world.

Softcover. 8" x 11 1/2"

178 pages - hundreds of full color photos


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