Tinyroots Butterfly Shears

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The "Butterfly" shaped pruning shear is one the most popular bonsai tools on the market. They’re very easy to use, exceptionally powerful because of their unique design and have plenty of room in the handles to accommodate gloved fingers.

If you’re a Bonsai beginner, a pair of shears should be the first tool you buy. As your Bonsai tree grows long shoots you'll need to trim them, and pruning shears are the right tool for the job. When it comes to trimming roots, twigs, and branches easily and precisely, Butterfly Shears are essential.

This tool is best suited for trimming, cutting and pruning, but it’s also sharp and powerful enough to cut directly through branches that are strong and thick.

Butterfly pruning shears are effective because they can reach areas that typical pruning shears cannot. They’re designed with an opening between the handles that allows the user to clip the targeted bud or branch without crushing the surrounding foliage.

Carbon Steel Dimensions: 190 mm

Tinyroots™ Bonsai Tools offer elegance, balance, precision and traditional Japanese curves with the feel of surgical instruments. Practical considerations of durability, a lifetime of hard service, maximized corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are a notable cost savings when amortized over their working lifespan. With reasonable care a Tinyroots™ tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 5-year guarantee.


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