Tinyroots Concave Cutters

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The concave cutter is a very important bonsai tool, and one for which there is no substitute. As the name implies, this razor sharp tool’s shape makes an indentation when cutting, taking a slight “bite” out of the cutting area that allows the wound to heal faster and without prominent scarring.

Concave Cutters are primarily intended for the cutting of branches. When properly used, the concave pruner leaves a wound on the trunk that is taller than it is wide and slightly concave. The characteristic shape of the concave pruner wound makes use of the fact that wounds on the trunk of trees heal in from the sides rather than from the top and bottom.

Concave cutters are almost always listed as the top Bonsai tool to have after the Bonsai Shear.

Stainless Steel Dimensions: 210 mm

Tinyroots™ Bonsai Tools offer elegance, balance, precision and traditional Japanese curves with the feel of surgical instruments. Practical considerations of durability, a lifetime of hard service, maximized corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are a notable cost savings when amortized over their working lifespan. With reasonable care a Tinyroots™ tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 5-year guarantee.


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