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Tinyroot's Exclusive 14 Piece Gift Set

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This Kit Includes

  • Green Dream Fertilizer - Perfectly balanced organic fertilizer for bonsai (8 ounces)- NPK 7:5:5.
  • Hori Hori Knife - Traditional Japanese Bonsai gardening tool perfect for every kind of digging, cutting or weeding activity.
  • Drainage Netting - Drainage mesh, or netting, is used to cover the holes of your Bonsai pots. The mesh keeps the potting medium (soil) from escaping.This drainage netting is a flexible, black nylon-ish fabric that is resistant to mildew and fungus and provides good support and drainage. Five sheets of 12" x 4" mesh.
  • Fertilizer cups - brown plastic cups will keep birds away from fertilizer cakes that are exposed above the soil when your bonsai is outside. There are 10pcs / pack.
  • 3pcs. Soil Scoop Set (plastic) - These scoops come in a variety of sizes to enable to hit just the right spot.
  • Signs - (Plastic) Mark your bonsai varieties and start dates with these heavy-duty house shaped plastic plant labels. Use any permanent marker. There are 8pcs / pack
  • Hemp BroomUsed to brush away small debris, even out top soil, dust off work benches, pottery, and other clean-up tasks.
  • Red Lava Gravel - Three Cups This is a very natural mix of lava gravel -  the perfect choice for creating a rugged looking setting.  Mostly rust and reds with just a few black pieces blended in.  Lava gravel stays put even under a strong flow of water.  There is a slight color difference when wet and dry, making it a little easier to know when to water.Every Bonsai needs new gravel now and then; the top dressing gravel always seems to wash away and the right size and color are hard to find.  This black gravel goes great with virtually any color Bonsai pot.This is a three cup package, which is enough to cover about one square foot of ground.  Three cups is roughly 1 lb. of gravel.  This gravel can be used in your humidity tray too. pH balanced and 100 natural so no weird stuff will wash off of this gravel into your soil.
  • 2.5 Gal Bonsai Tree Soil - All Purpose Blend  - Tinyroots All Purpose Bonsai soil is specially formulated as an all purpose potting medium for virtually any Bonsai tree. When it comes to choosing Bonsai soil, using the right blend is important. That’s why we only carry soils blended exclusively by Tinyroots. The soil you use affects rooting, feeding, watering and transpiration; it's where half your tree lives so this is our second biggest consideration in maintaining your Bonsai. Our soil is a mix of 100% organic double-sifted compost mulch, calcined clay, vermiculite and Frit. It contains over 28 vital trace elements and minerals that are essential for the health of your Bonsai.
  • 2-Prong Root Rake -Expose and separate roots during transplanting and potting with this root hook. With a double cast-iron prong and a comfortable wooden handle, this rake is the perfect tool for the job.Dimensions: 8 1/2" Material:Wood & Carbon Steel
  • Tire Swing - Add some fun to your Bonsai tree with this whimsical and unique addition - the classic Tire swing.
  • Soil Sieve - Use these sieves to grade soils for layering and to remove fine dust that inhibits proper drainage. This sieve set consists of a 12-inch (diameter) by 3-inch (high) stainless steel frame with three interchangeable screens of 4, 5, and 10 meshes per inch. Dimensions: 12 x 3 inches
  • Raffia -Imported Raffia. Raffia is used to protect the branches and bark of your bonsai tree when using branch benders or training wire. Raffia is an essential element in the process of wiring your bonsai tree - don't skip it.Here's how it works: Soak the Raffia in water for 30 minutes and then wind it tightly around the length of the branch. As the raffia dries it will shrink and tighten a bit, giving the branch more support.In addition to protecting and strengthening the branch, Raffia helps keep the branch supple and pliable and prevents the bark from drying out and developing cracks. I also dramatically reduces the scars associated with wiring by preventing the wire from digging directly into the branch as it grows.Raffia is also commonly used in the Bonsai "shaping" process by tethering it to the trunk of the tree, and a branch, to pull it down into a natural looking downward position.
  • Genuine Chinese Mud Figurine -Just the thing to add a bit of magic and whimsy to your garden. Decorate your bonsai or fairy garden with this adorable figurine. This Authentic, hand-made, Chinese miniature measures about 2 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Extremely detailed and made one-by-one, by hand. Made with famous refined chinese mud, glazed then kiln fired. Adding a figurine to your Bonsai tree, adds authenticity, a sense of scale, and a refined finishing touch to your tree's presentation. This is a Chinese Figurine - Low Rise Building 2 (F-072). Let your imagination run wild.



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