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All Bonsai Outlet items are shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment. Most orders are shipped either the same day or the next day, depending on the time of day the order is received.

During the Cold Months

During the cold months, it's important that your Bonsai tree is not shipped too late in the week, otherwise it may run into the weekend where transportation stops and your live tree is faced with spending the weekend in a frozen, dark truck or warehouse somewhere. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, Bonsai trees are usually held until Monday. Trees usually ship Mondays and Tuesdays, but in a lot of instances depending on the weather and time in travel, we'll ship Bonsai trees later in the week.

If your state is in the list below and there are very cold temperatures here, or across the country, we will hold your order and recheck the forecast each week until we are sure weather conditions en-route are suitable. 

Washington, Oregon, Montana, Indianna, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska

You may have a period of warm winter weather where you live and you might think you should receive your Bonsai tree right away ("I should receive my Bonsai right now"). However, the shipping route between you and us may transit thru cold regions that can severely damage or even kill your Bonsai before you receive it. Our goal is to deliver your Bonsai to you in perfect condition.

If we have to hold your order due to the low temperature you will receive a notice via email. Once your order ships you will receive the tracking information via email as well. If your order is held and you would like further information, please contact us.



 Have questions? Please write us at

Thanks for ordering from BonsaiOutlet and continuing to make us the most trusted and largest online sellers of Bonsai tree and supplies on planet earth.



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