Tinyroots Bonsai Tools

Top Quality Craftsmanship At Affordable Prices

  • All Tinyroots™ tools are meticulously hand-forged from highly refined stainless or solid carbon steel.
  • These tools have the tactile feel of fine surgical instruments.
  • Sleek, traditional Japanese curves provide the user with excellent control and balance, yielding an intimate tangible sensation that facilitates in the development and training of a tree.
  • Legendary Japanese forging skills used for making fine tools and swords handed down in the 外山秀树 Hidenobu Toyama family are employed in the making of Tinyroots™ tools.
  • A (private, non-disclosed) hot folding/hot rolling process followed by rapid cooling of the carbon steel impacts its microscopic structure, molecular alignment and polarization, favorably impacting the corrosion kinetic.
  • Pincers on Tinyroots™ Concave Cutters hold their edge for years of service and are extra-resistant to abrasion, gouges and most importantly, gaping. Enjoy them for decades as they make clean, smooth cuts.
  • Tinyroots™ Bonsai Shear blades have reinforced tips that resist bending, while the blade edges stay smooth and sharp and resist nicks and abrasion through years of use.
  • Details such as strong, oversize 8-mm locking screws as the hinge (instead of a weaker 5-mm screw typically found in bonsai products) contribute to the high quality of Tinyroots™ tools, plus the locking screw head will not work its way loose.
  • The working life of Tinyroots™ tools extends significantly longer than other brands.
  • With reasonable care a Tinyroots™ tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 1-year guarantee.
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