Cutters & Pliers

A big part of the allure of Bonsai is that they’re living pieces of art. That being the case, the Bonsai Outlet offers a wide variety of Tinyroots, Yoshiaki, Toyoharu and Joshua Roth Cutters & Pliers so you can sculpt and contour your Bonsai into the perfect show piece.

  • Concave Cutters - Designed to take a concave bite out of the trunk when removing branches or limbs which results in the tree healing with very little scaring.
  • Knob Cutters - Similar to concave cutters but with a straight-away, rounded shape. Perfect for branch cutting and root pruning
  • Wire Cutters - Designed to allow wire to be cut away from your Bonsai tree without over-biting into the tree itself.
  • Trunk Splitters - Allows you to easily cut a trunk or branch along the grain with precision and ease.
  • Jin Pliers - A very specific tool used to peel back bark to create natural looking aging on Bonsai trees.
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