Tinyroots Carbon Steel Jin Pliers - Great for Applying or Removing Bonsai Wire.

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Tinyroots Carbon Steel Jin Pliers

Jin Pliers have multiple uses. They are practical potting and styling tools. During the potting process, you'll use them to twice and secure wire around the root ball (e.g. anchor tree to the pot). During the Styling process, you'll use pliers to apply and/or remove wire from branches. 

For more experienced bonsai professionals, they are awesome. Jin Pliers are used to carefully remove or peal back bark for the purpose of drying out the under-lying wood. The resulting “jin” is used to give the illusion of age.

This technique is used to produce the general aesthetic of weathering, fire damage and age. Jin can also be used to hide unsightly defects in the wood (rather than trying to cover up a blemish, the artist embraces it). Our Jin pliers are perfect to produce that rough and weathered look.

With a long nose and gripping mouth, our Jin pliers are perfect to give that rough and weathered look.

They’re also perfect for related Bonsai tasks such as wiring, gripping, twisting and squeezing.

Carbon Steel Dimensions: 210 mm

Tinyroots™ Bonsai Tools offer elegance, balance, precision and traditional Japanese curves with the feel of surgical instruments. Practical considerations of durability, a lifetime of hard service, maximized corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are a notable cost savings when amortized over their working lifespan. With reasonable care a Tinyroots™ tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 1-year guarantee.

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