The term "bonsai soil" is somewhat of a misnomer. Bonsai soil is not actually soil. Rather it is a planting medium specifically for growing bonsai. Most mixes are made up of a blend of manmade or organic materials such as gravel, perlite, peat moss, and volcanic materials.

Can I repot my bonsai in regular plant soil?

Not if you want to keep your bonsai healthy. You need to use a bonsai potting medium that is able to drain freely. When you water your tree, the water needs to run through the pot and out of the holes in the bottom.

Can I make my own bonsai soil?

Sure. Many bonsai gardeners have successfully made their own bonsai soil. If you decide to make your own soil, try it on an inexpensive bonsai tree first.

The soil you use affects rooting, feeding, and watering; it is where half your tree lives. So this is an important consideration for maintaining your bonsai health. The actual ingredients are not important, as long as they perform the required functions: retaining water, air and nutrients while anchoring the tree.

There are countless ingredients that can be used in the make up of a potting medium suitable for bonsai. However, most beginners use a Bonsai Outlet potting mix until they are comfortable. A bonsai is confined to a relatively small quantity of soil throughout the year, on which its very existence depends. For this reason, the soil that the tree is planted in must be of the correct quality. The quality of the soil that is used directly affects the health and vigor of the tree. 

How often should I replace my bonsai soil?

After repotting your bonsai (every couple years), it's a good idea to replace all your bonsai soil.

Is there different soil for different bonsai trees?

Of course. Though all Bonsai require free-draining, water-retentive soils, different species vary in their requirements for water and nutrients. This should be reflected in their soil composition.

Bonsai Outlet bonsai mix is professionally formulated to meet the physical and nutritional needs of your bonsai, based on special blends used by gardeners throughout the world. Our bonsai mix ensures good drainage, and the nutritional aspect has been developed to suit your tropical, conifer, deciduous, and acid-loving trees (like Azaleas) trees used in the art of bonsai.

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