Shears & Pruners

 If you’re going to have one tool in your Bonsai maintenance arsenal, you’re going to want to make it a pair of high quality Shears or Pruners. Trust us, you and your Bonsai will thank us later.

Most Bonsai need a certain amount of annual pruning, and keeping your Bonsai looking its best is an intricate (though doable) process that’s made easy with our super sharp bonsai shears & pruners.

Each of our shears and pruners are multi-purpose and have strong pointed tips for snipping in tight places.  These high quality Bonsai trimming shears are very comfortable & easy to use, and they’ll cut cleanly with little effort, making your Bonsai trees pruning tasks a piece of cake. Our selection of tools features our flagship brand, Tinyroots, as well as pieces from highly regarded manufactures such as Genzo and Koshiji.

Whether you just got your first tree or you’re a Bonsai Master, Bonsai Outlet has shears and pruners that will have your Bonsai looking gorgeous for years to come.

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