Display Tables & Stands

Show off your creations! We have a full collection of exquisite modern and traditional bonsai tables and stands, so you can truly display your bonsai with pride. These handcrafted, imported bonsai stands can be used to display antiques, pottery, and flower pots, although they are designed to perfectly display bonsai tree beauty throughout the home and garden, and especially within an honorable Tokonoma—a special place in a Japanese home devoted to beauty and art.

The role of bonsai display stands, called dai or daiza in Japanese, is for the aesthetic function of raising the bonsai pot above the surface of the table or floor, providing it with a sense dignity and prominence as well as being highly decorative. Bonsai and Penjing look best when displayed on a stand or bonsai turntable. Bonsai turntables are sturdy bonsai display tables that rotate 360 degrees to optimize view-ability!

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