Bonsai Turntable Table Top Workstand

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Bonsai Turntable

Along with its partner "The Deluxe Workstand", the "Table Top Workstand" are probably the most well designed Turntable and work station for Bonsai trees on the market. The Table Top Workstandis legendary in design and operation and recent redesigns have made it even better. The workmanship, gives this workstand a virtually unlimited lifespan.

This is a very popular gift item during the holiday season for any Bonsai tree enthusiast.

Recent redesigns to the table top work stand include a new green color and cherry stained top to enhance the appearance while still retaining great features like:

  • 18" of rubber covered work surface and
  • six eye screws to tie your work down.
  • The turntable locks in position to keep your work from moving.
  • New plastic feet are securely fastened to each leg to prevent marring.

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