Pre-Bonsai / Stock / Material

Pre-Bonsai, Stock, Starters, Material, DIY… all synonyms for “I Prefer to do it myself”.

We understand! A lot of folks prefer to buy a “raw”, or perhaps slightly developed tree and model it to their taste and personality.

Whatever your reasons, each on this page has been carefully cultivated by reputable Bonsai nurseries across the United States to become Works of Living Art.  

Email us if you're looking for something different - we might have it.  

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A Collection Tailored to Your Aspirations

Craft your masterpiece: Start with a robust foundation. Our pre-bonsai trees offer the perfect canvas for your creativity, allowing you to shape, prune, and style your way to a unique work of living art.

Experience growth together: As your tree flourishes, so will your skills and appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and nurture. Witness the transformation in real-time, a testament to your care and dedication.


Variety that inspires: From the sturdy trunks of Junipers to the delicate foliage of Maples, our selection caters to every taste and skill level. Discover the perfect species to match your vision and environment.

Quality you can trust: Sourced from the finest nurseries, each pre-bonsai tree is a testament to health and potential. Begin your bonsai journey on the right foot with specimens that promise a rewarding experience.