Beginner Bonsai Trees and Best Sellers

High Quality Bonsai Trees for Sale at All Skill Levels

Just because it says “bonsai”, doesn’t mean it’s a bonsai tree. 

Bonsai Outlet sells only the highest quality bonsai trees and customer satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. While the cost of buying from a big box retailer may seem lower, you’re NOT buying the same thing. We also know what we sold you AND we can support you pre & post sales. We guarantee these qualities:

  • Good Draining BONSAI Soil to help your plants succeed.
  • Your bonsai will exhibit symmetry, balance, and proportion.
  • And Definitely NO GLUED ROCKS. C’mon, seriously big box store?
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Questions & Answers

What's the price range for Bonsai Trees?

The average price for Bonsai Trees ranges from $20 to $175.


What are the shipping options for Bonsai Trees?

All Bonsai Trees can be shipped to you at home.


What are some of the most reviewed products in Bonsai Trees?

Some of the most reviewed products in Beginner Bonsai Trees are the Hawaiian Umbrella (Indoor) with over 400 reviews, and the Imported Chinese Elm Bonsai (Indoor) with over 550



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