Harland Boxwood Bonsai (Indoor & Outdoor)

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$41.00 - $145.00

Harland Boxwood Bonsai (Indoor & Outdoor)

$41.00 - $145.00
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Harland Boxwood Bonsai (Indoor & Outdoor)

$41.00 - $145.00

Indoors or out, the Harland Boxwood is a head-turner

Native to Asia and Europe, these tiny roots can grow to four feet tall in a natural habitat. In your home however, the Harland stands perfectly petite and easily cultivated as a hedge or topiary.

An evergreen cultivar in a family of over 70 boxwoods, the Harland knows how to stand out. With glossy leaves and a light-colored trunk, the Harland blooms unique yellow flowers in the spring.

Known for its adaptability, the Harland Boxwood will thrive in direct and indirect sunlight, making this an ideal accent piece to complement any space. 

Choose Your Tree Size: Each tree is unique so these are approximate ages and dimensions.

  • Small Harland Boxwood - 3 Years Old, 8-10" Tall 
  • Medium Harland Boxwood - 6 Years Old, 9-14" Tall
  • Large Harland Boxwood - 8 Years Old, 12-16" Tall

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Note: Small animals may be tempted to nibble on it. If you have small animals in your house, you should always keep your boxwood out of their reach.  




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