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Beginner Bonsai Trees

Begin Your Bonsai Journey In The Best Possible Way

Here we present our own hand-picked selection of trees that are perfect for beginners. They’re easy to grow, hard to kill, and offer plenty of options for training and pruning. These “starter” bonsai are an excellent way for anyone to enter into the world of bonsai trees. They also make wonderful gifts. Young or old, anyone can learn to care for a bonsai and train it into a wonderful living work of art.

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DIY Kits & Gift Sets

Everything You Need To Become A Bonsai Master

To begin caring for a bonsai tree, all you need is a pot, some soil, and a lot of love. However, to help your bonsai tree live a full life, while training it into the shape you want, you’ll need extra supplies. Here, we put together kits of the most-needed and most popular tools and accessories that will help your bonsai tree live a long and happy life. They also make great gifts for bonsai lovers of all skill levels!

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Indoor Bonsai Trees

Bring Life To Any Room With An Indoor Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is the art of recreating nature in miniature, creating living works of art which can survive anywhere indoors. Here we collect our favorite indoor bonsai tree species, ones which require little or no direct sunlight. We offer options for both bonsai beginners and bonsai pros. There are many different trees, with many different looks, but you’ll see trees which can make any room look more stately while bringing you years of enjoyment.

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Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Add Living Art To Your Yard With Outdoor Bonsai Trees

Some bonsai trees prefer the outdoors, and can make amazing additions to your front yard, back yard, or even an outdoor patio. You’re guaranteed to get plenty of attention with a noble, well-trained bonsai tree in your yard. They can enhance your curb appeal, and be the talk of any yard parties you host. Be aware, these trees will be more sensitive to weather and climate than indoor bonsai, and may require a greater level of care and attention.

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Flowering Bonsai Trees

These Colorful Bonsai Give You Amazing Seasonal Displays

Not every bonsai tree species will bloom… but when they do, it’s genuinely magical. We’ve carefully selected the most impressive flowering bonsai trees in our collection, and every one will put on a colorful show for you most years. Occasionally, they may even provide edible nuts, berries, or flowers! You’re truly getting something special when you choose a flowering bonsai, a true centerpiece of your home which will always wow your visitors.

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Specimen Bonsai Trees

Adopt A Living Work Of Art!

BonsaiOutlet has a limited number of specimen trees, hand-raised for twenty years or more by reputable bonsai nurseries, now under the care of our own Bonsai Master Jun Imabayashi. Our specimen trees are hardy and have been exceptionally well cared for, and will still thrive for many years to come. These unique one-of-a-kind trees are stunning works of art that will instantly enhance a home, office, or any other room.

If you’re interesting in adopting a specimen tree, don’t wait. Our stock is limited!

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All Bonsai Trees

Purchase your perfect bonsai tree from a reputable bonsai retailer to ensure long lasting enjoyment.

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Pre Bonsai / Stock

We have a large selection of stock plants / Pre-Bonsai. Each hand-selected by Bonsai Master Jun Imabayashi.

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Bonsai Tree Wire Sculptures

Each bonsai tree is individually hand-made and take hours to complete.

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Lucky Bamboo Trees

Native to Southeast Asia, the Lucky Bamboo plant has been valued for 4,000 years...

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