Braided Money Tree Grove (Indoor)

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Braided Money Tree Grove (Indoor)

$39.00 - $70.95
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Braided Money Tree Grove (Indoor)

$39.00 - $70.95

Money Tree Braided Grove 

If you can use some good fortune, a little prosperity and an awesome Bonsai tree, you’ve hit the jackpot. Behold – the glorious Money Tree.

Money trees are actually water chestnut trees made into Bonsai.  They're evergreen with lovely bright green foliage, extraordinarily hardy and traditional symbols of good luck, all of which makes them a perfect gift for others or a gift to yourself if you need a little extra positive karma.

Our Single braided Money Tree is actually 5 individual trees that come together to form this incredibly unique specimen.

Our popular Money Tree Grove has triple the feng shui properties of good luck and prosperity! This trio of braided trees is ideal for indoor settings - like a shady windowsill.

Money Trees are a great Bonsai for beginners or for anyone that could use a dose of happiness, health and wealth.

Choose Your Tree Size: Each tree is unique so these are approximate ages and dimensions.

  • Single Braided Money Tree - 4 Years Old, 10-14" Tall 
  • Money Tree Grove  - 4 Years Old, 12-16" Tall 

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Want to learn more: Money Tree Care Guide & Tips

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