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Fukien Tea - A Flowering Tropical Bonsai Tree

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Fukien Tea - A Flowering Tropical Bonsai Tree

$54.95 - $144.95
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Fukien Tea - A Flowering Tropical Bonsai Tree

$54.95 - $144.95

Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree

A wonderful tropical Bonsai tree, the Fukien Tea (sometimes known as Carmona) loves heat and can be grown outdoors in a warm climate. It produces small white flowers in April and May. With a weathered, thick and gnarled trunk, this tree looks like a Bonsai should: a miniature version of an age-old tree.

This Bonsai has the classic shape of an aged tree and, although it grows slowly and looks great now, it will continue to develop for years to come. This tree's trunk has a gorgeous swaying shape that supports a full, lush canopy of foliage.

Choose Your Tree Size: Each tree is unique so these are approximate ages and dimensions.

  • Medium Tree: 6" - 8" Tall / Age: 6 Year
  • Large Tree: 14"- 20" Tall / Age: 12 year
  • Container: Pot color varies
  • Experience: Perfect for beginners

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Note: This tree is best suited for southern states. It enjoy suns, heat, and humidity. It does NOT enjoy the cold northern states.  

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