Dwarf Mini Jade Bonsai Tre. An Elephants Favorite Food

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Dwarf Mini Jade: Indoor Bonsai Tree 

Many Bonsai trees are hardy and can put up with a lot of mistakes from new owners... but how about a tree that evolved to stand up to even the worst abuse? Meet the Dwarf Mini Jade Bonsai, which is the hardiest Bonsai tree that you could bring into your life. 

In the wild, the (full sized) Jade tree is sometimes called "the elephant bush" because it is a favorite snack of African elephants, who are not known for being gentle. The tree is frequently stripped of all its leaves, with branches torn off in the process... and it still comes right back. In fact, this is how it spreads - severed branches sprout roots and begin to grow on their own! 

In short, if you want a Bonsai tree which requires truly minimal care and maintenance - while still being gorgeous - it is hard to do better than the Dwarf Mini Jade Bonsai.

Choose Your Tree Size: Each tree is unique so these are approximate ages and dimensions.

  • Small Dwarf Jade - 3 Years Old, 4 - 6" Tall
  • Medium Dwarf Jade - 4 Years Old, 6 - 8" Tall
  • Large Dwarf Jade - 6 Years Old, 8 - 12" Tall 

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