Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree - Indoor

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Hawaiian Umbrella : Schefflera Arboricola : Indoor Bonsai Tree

The dwarf Hawaiian umbrella tree is a popular Bonsai tree which is loved around the world, and a perfect choice for both Bonsai newcomers as well as experienced Bonsai enthusiasts. This indoor tree is known to be extremely hardy and easy to keep alive, while being a beautiful addition to any home which can live for decades.  

The umbrella tree is prized among practitioners of Feng Shui, believed to be able to capture and redistribute positive energy around a room. The umbrella tree also symbolizes wealth and prosperity, making it an incredibly lucky housewarming gift for friends and family! 

Meet Your Gorgeous Umbrella Tree 

The most distinctive feature of the umbrella tree is its complicated web of trucks and feeder roots, which often begin above the surface. An umbrella tree typically has multiple large trunks, giving it the appearance of a dense forest grove rather than a single tree. These trunks are trainable, although this is not the best tree for learning training. Most newcomers with an umbrella tree will tend to let the trunks grow as they like, since it is already so beautiful and naturalistic without any help.  

It is topped by a dense canopy of finger-like leaves radiating in a starburst from a central stalk. These leaves will remain green and lush all year and are easy to trim into your desired form.  

It will also occasionally produce tiny red-orange berries, which add to its beauty. These berries should not be eaten. The entire tree is mildly toxic and can potentially cause food poisoning if eaten.

Fortunately, it is also very unpleasant to eat, so it is unlikely that anyone in your household - including your pets - will ever nibble on it, at least not more than once. Still, it is best to keep your umbrella tree out of the reach of small children. 

The umbrella tree is typically kept indoors year-round, although it can potentially be kept outside if you live in a warm area. Like many Bonsai trees, cold temperatures (below 10° C / 50° F) can kill it. Fortunately, that is one of the only things that can.

It is otherwise extremely hardy, tolerant of a wide range of higher temperatures, soil conditions, humidity, light, and moisture. It can even be kept in a dim room with minimal sunlight and still survive. However, for the best canopy growth, it should receive a good amount of sunlight.  

Overall, the dwarf umbrella Bonsai is extremely easy to keep alive and can bring joy to a house for many years to come! 

Stats -

  • Petite Hawaiian Umbrella - 3 Years Old, 5-8" Tall
  • Medium Hawaiian Umbrella - 4 Years Old, 7-10" Tall
  • Large Hawaiian Umbrella - 7 Years Old, 10-14" Tall

Important Shipping Guidelines: 

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  • Will I Kill It?

    Maybe, but probably not. Kids and pets are much harder to keep alive, so if you’ve ever had one of them you’ll be fine. Most Bonsai we sell need little more than sun & water.

  • Are there specific Care Guides available for each species?

    Yes there are, and you can find them HERE

  • When will my Bonsai ship?

    We ship daily. However, trees to the west coast ship on Mondays or Tuesday to avoid being held in-transit over the weekend. Shipments of Trees are released on Mondays and Tuesdays only to avoid being held in-transit over weekends.

  • Can I track my Bonsai?

    Yes, once your Bonsai ships you’ll get an email with a FedEx tracking number that you’ll be able to use on their website to see exactly when your tree will arrive.

  • Do I need anything else to start an adventure in Bonsai?

    Your Bonsai will arrive potted in a ceramic Bonsai pot that will compliment your tree and right off the bat that’s all you’ll need. If you’re looking for the basics beyond that, a Starter Kit and Humidity Tray are an excellent place to start.