Imported S-Curve Trunk Tiger Bark Ficus - Named for Its Bark

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S-Curve Trunk Tiger Bark Ficus - Indoor Bonsai Tree 

The "Tiger Bark" Ficus, is a favorite among Bonsai lovers. It's gorgeous, hardy and tolerant of mistakes in care, making it a great tree for bonsai beginners. It's also very fast-growing. This means you won't have to wait years to see your training efforts pay off! It's brown grey bark with white stripes, gives it the name "tiger bark". 

Like most Ficus trees, it symbolizes unity, simplicity, new beginnings, and harmony with nature. This makes it popular as a gift for newlyweds, new homeowners, and families expecting children. In addition, it is believed to enhance the mood of a room and is sometimes referred to as a "cheerful tree" due to the joy it brings to its owners. 

Choose Your Tree Size: Each tree is unique so these are approximate ages and dimensions.

  • Petite Golden Gate Ficus - 4 Years Old, 6 - 10" Tall
  • Small Golden Gate Ficus - 6 Years Old, 8-12" Tall
  • Medium Golden Gate Ficus - 10 Years Old, 12-16" Tall
  • Large Golden Gate Ficus - 15 Years Old, 16-20" Tall

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Note: Cats may be tempted to nibble on it. If you have small animals in your house, you should always keep your Ficus out of their reach. They contain irritating sap. This sap can irritate the cat's mouth or skin.  




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