Trident Maple Bonsai Tree - Excellent for Beginner's (Outdoors)

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Trident Maple - Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Stats: 5 Years Old, 8-12" Tall

The Trident Maple, native to China and Japan, has long been a favorite of Bonsai enthusiasts, and it is easy to see why. For those who enjoy the "nature in miniature" aspect of Bonsai, it is practically perfect. The trunk is thick and expressive, and the canopy of tiny three-lobed maple leaves is beautiful at any time of year, but absolutely stunning in the fall. The leaves become a cascade of reds, bronzes, and golds, making it one of the single most beautiful Bonsai trees you could own. 
Better yet, the Trident Maple is extremely hardy and easy to work with. It puts up with a lot of damage, and even has features that make it perfect for weathering. It features two layers of bark, a greyish outer layer with a reddish under-bark beneath. Thanks to this, it is easy to create a unique look for your Trident. 
Tridents are best trained when they are young. As they grow, the branches and bark will stiffen, so you want to plan. Past a point, you will have a challenging time changing its shape. Training is typically done during the dormant winter period, with the wires coming off in late spring or in the summer. 
Another unique feature of the trident maple Bonsai is its shallow, yet thick, fast-growing root system. This makes it perfect for cultivating nebari (exposed roots) or creating root-over-rock effects. Again, if this is your goal, start when the tree is fairly young.  
The Trident Maple is typically grown as an outdoor Bonsai tree but be aware that it is vulnerable to frost. It may need to be brought inside if you have cold winters. On the other hand, it can also do reasonably well indoors if it gets plenty of sunlight and water. Avoid giving it hard / calcareous water because the minerals could damage it. Rainwater is perfect if you collect some. 
The Trident Maple could be an excellent beginner's Bonsai, especially if you are looking for a tree where you can really practice those cultivation and training skills. On the other hand, its beauty, and the sheer variety of looks you can achieve make it popular among Bonsai enthusiasts of all skill levels. Plus, in Bonsai symbolism, it represents peace, balance, and tranquility, so it is a great housewarming gift as well. 

In short, the Trident is a wonderful all-around Bonsai tree, and one of our own favorites.

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Trident Maple Bonsai Tree - Excellent for Beginner's (Outdoors)

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Trident Maple Bonsai Tree - Excellent for Beginner's (Outdoors)


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