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Sending a bonsai tree (along with a how-to book and shears perhaps) is a wonderful way to thank valued clients or recognize your employees for their efforts and dedication.

Our Corporate Gift program offers gift-giving strategies tailored specifically to your company's needs. Unlike mainstream programs, ours is a socially conscious gift, and one that is perfect for clients, co-workers, business, associates, or other recipients.

Use our Corporate Gift program for:

  • Service awards: Reward employees for their dedication.
  • Sales incentives: Offer progressively finer gift categories for increasing sales levels.
  • Loyalty: Thank customers for their patronage.
  • Motivation: Thank employees for their contribution to your company's success.
  • Business: Gifts for every occasion, from the holidays to conference mementos and more.

We Do It All for You

  • You select the items or let your recipient select what they want. We do everything else, satisfaction guaranteed.
  • We can ship one item at a time, or higher quantities to multiple shipping addresses.
  • If your business requires an incentive program for rewarding customers, recognizing employee achievement, or measuring and rewarding sales performance, we will provide a program designed to give you the results to reach your goal.