backer-uniquerequests.jpgDon't be shy. Please give us a call us if you have a unique request related to bonsai gardening. Here's a sample of ways we can help:

  1. We will fly anywhere you want to evaluate a specimen tree. We will photograph it, email you pictures, negotiate the price, package it, and ship it to you.
  2. We can help you import a special bonsai pot. For example, if there's a pot you've always wanted, but you're not quite sure of the importing process and regulations, we can help.
  3. Send us pictures of your yard, and we can recommend and ship you trees perfectly suited for your environment.
  4. If you need a unique story for your magazine, newspaper, or blog, we can help you with bonsai gardening ideas and topics

We are really passionate about bonsai gardening, and we will do almost anything to help you. Bonsai enthusiasts of the world, unite!

Call a Bonsai Outlet specialist today at 877-806-3200.